High Speed Internet Cable connections to homes has begun in Mossy Hammock.  If you have signed the contract available @ the website below, and have not been contacted to schedule connection; Contact Myakka Communications ASAP.

Myakka Communication
s fiber optic Update

The project moving faster than projected!


Just a quick update on our fiber optic progress.  We are almost complete with

the Sarasota County portion of our project.  Since we had to start on Fruitville

Rd, we did Sarasota County first.  We now have over 600 customers up and running

on the fiber and it is performing very well. 

Last week we added a third crew installing drop cable (the fiber from the street

to the house).  The three crews, which really improved our efficiency, are

currently in Pomello Ranches and moving pretty quickly.  The conduit and

backbone fiber along SR-70 should be complete by mid-December continuing up to

our tower on Verna Bethany and Pomello Ranches.  This should allow us to start

getting some of the Pomello Ranches people in around the first of the year,  if

all goes well.  Pomello Ranch people, get your contracts in if you have not

already done so.  Please don't get left behind.


It is now getting dry enough that we can start in Sarasota Ranch Club,

Jomar/Darby Rd, MJ Rd, and Clay Gulley (including Mossy Hammock).  If you live

in any of these areas, please go to www.myakka.com and click on documents and

fill out the Myakka Communications' contract.  We will install in these areas

based upon when the contracts get in.  On the contract, please put the date you

filled it out as the 'entered into' date and ASAP as the start date with

December 31, 2013 as the ending date.  Choose your desired program and fill in

the amount and put a check mark on that program.  If you will be changing to our

phone system, please fill that in as well.  Phones will be available shortly

after we put your fiber system in.   So far, the phone system has been very well

received, with over 100 phones converted during October, the first month we

started offering phones.   The voice quality is crystal clear since it is on the

new fiber and not the old copper lines.  No hum or crackle when it rains.  What

a treat!  With free unlimited long distance, caller id, call waiting and the

other features, the residential price of $29.95 is really too good to pass up. 


As stated before, with additional crews working, we should get through the

project quicker than originally thought.  I will put out additional updates as

we start other sections.  Call or email me if you have any questions.  Do not

respond to this email as it will not come to me directly.  Please use the email

address below.






Privacy Notice:  The MHOA, and it's representatives do not distribute, sell, or in any way make available, any data, information, or records maintaned on MHOA members.

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